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How to Keep Your Users Engaged Without Trapping Them


Users want something from you

If you want your clients to do something, such as sign up for a newsletter, be an active part of your community, or share your product on social media, you need to give a little push. A great way to engage users is to offer a freebie, such as; "Sign up for our newsletter and receive this free vector pack." "Enter to win a autographed photo of Dolly Parton." Etc…


Pointing things out and comparing them is a great way to show your customers where your product stands amongst the competition, and show them that there’s value in the time and research you put into compiling this information.

Remind them but don’t suffocate them

Newsletters, tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, links, even SMS notifications. It can get overwhelming for you and your user. Keep your users intrigued by updating your content often, but there’s no need to ping them for every single new thing you add.

Simple interactions

Keep it clean and simple; here’s your product, and give them all the important info. Things should work smoothly, especially on mobile. People won’t try to keep clicking on a button, or dig through your whole website to find what they are looking for. Unless you are giving out free dinners with Oprah, things need to operate seemlessly. If you are giving out dinners with Oprah then please… please… give me a head-start.

What matters

Users want what is important… and what is important right now. Keep it current. Use related items, or related posts to point the user to something they care about.

Exit strategy

The customers you want are people that find value in your product. If someone doesn't, then they aren't the right match and they should feel free to unsubscribe, or unfollow you.

Giving users freedom also shows confidence in your product or service and helps them see value in it.

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