The Independent Schools Association (ISANNE)

Learn how Thinkbean created a website that reflected the diverse and evolving organization of ISANNE, along with a superior user experience.

Showcasing Diversity in the Education Digitally

Discover how proper planning, thoughtful design and improved functionality created a Drupal project heaven for a unique independent learning institution.

The Challenge

Properly showcasing the client’s culture and community involvement.

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world. The problem was, their website wasn’t reflective of their diverse and evolving organization. Their site design needed a facelift and they were stuck in a proprietary beast of a CMS. It made it difficult for ISANNE’s staff to update content or cost-effectively add enhanced functionality they wanted such as ecommerce, private messaging, forums and member login.

The Strategy

Proper planning + new thoughtful design + improved functionality = Drupal project heaven.

Drupal (and Thinkbean too for that matter) was a perfect fit for ISANNE. We started with a full discovery to document and prioritize all items including business goals, user goals, site audit and MoSCoW. After proper preparation, we thoughtfully designed and built their new Drupal site with a mobile-first approach while ensuring that the back-end was customized so content editing was a breeze. The enhanced functionality they desired (especially event registration, booking and ticket sales) was well within the core capabilities of Drupal Commerce. Because Drupal is open source, everything could be accomplished for a fraction of the cost and time of implementing the same features in their old proprietary system.

The Result

A win-win everyone is proud to be a part of.

Delivered in time for their busy season, ISANNE's website is now mobile-ready and responsive with a fresh, new look. Content is easily updated by staff members, users can register and pay for events, and the site design now reflects the correct academic and social culture of the diverse organization. Judging from increased site usage and the tremendous positive feedback they received from their tour of events, ISANNE is in a much better place to ensure children have the best educational opportunities available.

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