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3 Ways Thinkbean Drupal Development Sets You Up for SEO Success

3 Ways Thinkbean Drupal Development Sets You Up for SEO Success

Why is Website Development so Important for SEO?

Everyday, millions of people use search engines (such as Google and Bing) to find information. Most company websites exist because they have answers, solutions and services people need. How can a company increase the odds their information will be shown in search engine results pages (SERP)? If many websites offer the same information, the better-optimized site is more likely to get more visitors.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a framework of rules and techniques that web developers and digital marketers use to improve search engine rankings for websites. In general, sites developed with proper SEO techniques tend to realize increases in the quality of organic search result placement (page 1 vs page 10 of a Google search), because speed, user experience (UX) and good structure are some of the criteria search engines use to determine rankings.

Drupal is an exemplary platform for SEO, especially for organizations that want to maintain a website in-house after initial development. Here are three ways Drupal can help your website perform well in search engine results:

The 3 S’s of Drupal SEO

1. Security

Quality score criteria for search engines is more comprehensive than an evaluation of keyword use and content value. Search engines aim to protect their users by ranking secure sites. Drupal is a stable CMS, designed with strong security features. A secure website will have a better reputation. So, it will rank higher in search engine results.

2. Structure

Without structure, nothing works efficiently. This is especially true of websites. There are many coding requirements for excellent SEO (for example, the proper incorporation of metadata). One of the reasons hiring an experienced web development company (such as Thinkbean) is so important is many elements cannot be set up properly without extensive knowledge of search engine code preferences and the content management system (CMS) in use.

Drupal provides a strong structural foundation for SEO, in part because of its evolving core code. Other Drupal elements that contribute to SEO are its empowering design for content managers and marketers (who update SEO elements continuously) and its simplified approach to content publishing.

3. Support

In addition to the Drupal core code, multiple modules have been developed to help Drupal web development companies build search-engine-friendly websites. These nine top-ranked Drupal SEO modules perform the following functions:

  1. Pathauto - Automatically generates URL aliases for content.
  2. Page Title - Enhances control of the default title node. Unique and relevant titles can be created for content, and different automation patterns can be set.
  3. Metatag - Enhances control over meta tags: page title, description and keywords. Gives web development team the option to set default meta tags for an entire site, or different groups of pages.
  4. Search 404 - Gives a user a redirect to the internal site search if they encounter a 404 page error. This prevents users from leaving the site when they don’t see page results.
  5. Redirect - Directs a user from an existing URL to another one without generating a 404 error, and helps prevent instances of duplicate content.
  6. Global Redirect - Verifies that URLs are being implemented correctly and prevent URL duplication.
  7. Content Optimizer - Shows statistical SEO analysis of the website and provides recommendations for improvement.
  8. SEO Checklist - Lists the most important SEO tasks and modules needed to improve on-site SEO. Creates a to-do list of modules and tasks that need to be completed. The module is updated regularly, and breaks down tasks according to function.
  9. Drupal SEO Tools - This SEO suite covers keywords, titles, tags, paths, redirects, sitemaps, Google analytics, webmaster tools, and more. Designed for integration with other SEO modules.

Once installed and properly configured, these modules help improve the performance of the website and give SEO professionals the tools they need to run a successful, ongoing SEO campaign.

Choose a Drupal Web Development Company to Master SEO

Drupal’s robust core programming, contributed modules, and potential for customization make it a perfect choice for companies looking to out-rank their competitors. However, it takes education, experience and skill to build a site that performs well. That’s why choosing a qualified Drupal web development company is vital.

Thinkbean has developed superior websites for healthcare companies, educational companies and more, with an endless variety of functionality. With years of Drupal experience behind them, Thinkbean provides custom Drupal web development and support, leveraging Drupal’s capabilities to achieve search engine optimization as only an expert Drupal development company can.

Thinkbean’s advanced Drupal development skills allow businesses to establish a user-friendly web presence, achieve business goals, and exceed the needs and expectations of their customers. Read case studies of our most interesting Drupal 8 projects or talk to a Drupal expert. Get the security, structure and support you need with Thinkbean, today.

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