Drupal Development Firms are Winning at Healthcare

Drupal Development Firms are Winning at Healthcare

A website that makes complicated features easy to use is critical for healthcare companies. Patients expect to be able to access information easily and securely. Drupal development firms have the ability to maximize Drupal modules and features to create websites that provide a superior user experience. This is where a great Drupal development firm comes in.

Sites that run on Drupal platforms get consistently higher ratings and reviews from users. The Northwestern International Health website is one of the top 12 best healthcare websites worldwide, and they aren’t the only healthcare organization getting higher user experience ratings.

There are thousands of healthcare sites operating on Drupal platforms. These sites serve a variety of functions:

  • They enhance patient services
  • They are available to users on multiple devices with excellent responsiveness
  • They accommodate multiple languages and workflows

Drupal is the choice for a range of organizations from Florida Hospital to Mayo Clinic’s Health Sciences Research Intranet.

Three Amazing Drupal Healthcare Sites

1. Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is a family of providers that serves residents in southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina. The website houses one of the most impressive ‘Find a Physician’ features anywhere. The search and filter options are styled similarly to Amazon’s, and are broken up into different categories that include: Speciality, Location, Keyword and Language. Most conveniently, there is an option to find doctors that are accepting new patients, a feature not found on nearly enough healthcare sites.

2. DentaQuest Institute Online Learning Center

The DentaQuest Institute Online Learning Center is an online education and resources hub for dental care professionals. When they hired Thinkbean, DentaQuest wanted to reduce page load times for all users and create a notifications system for group members based on user preferences. Page load times for existing Drupal features, like the online courseware, instructional webinars and resource library, are 2-4 times faster. The site now boasts a notification system that allows users to opt in/out of a group discussion, and choose what notifications they’d like to receive (if any).

3. Humana

Humana is a health insurance company that uses its website to promote well-being and lifestyle services. Humana users can go to the ‘My Well Being’ site to get information that is uniquely relevant to them, based on their past experience with network physicians and user interests. The site provides games, videos and photos, to inform and increase patient engagement.

Thinkbean is a Boston Drupal industry leader and contributor to Drupal 8. Talk to a web development expert today about what Thinkbean can do for you.

Drupal Development’s Contribution to Healthcare

Medical professionals have been pleased and impressed by Drupal’s ability to support moving healthcare platforms online. Drupal supports healthcare projects that (among other things) include:

  • Open source clinical trial management systems
  • Platforms for interdisciplinary collaborations of healthcare professionals
  • Patient and healthcare information aid websites
  • Healthcare conference platforms and paper submission systems

There are over 5,000 Drupal 8 modules that have been designed and tested by programmers and developers all over the world. Expert Drupal developers, like those sponsored by Thinkbean, have the ability to integrate these modules with Drupal core to create seamless ecosystems that have limitless applications. This superior functionality ensures a better experience for site visitors and frequent users.

It’s essential to find the right Drupal Developer the first time. Thinkbean’s advanced Drupal development skills allow businesses to establish a user-friendly web presence, achieve business goals, and exceed the needs and expectations of their clients.

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