The Acquia Certified Professional Program launched in March of 2014 and it's a pretty big deal. These exams are considered the gold standard for Drupal Developers.

The Acquia Certified Developer Exam consists of 60 questions and takes about 90 minutes to complete. It’s available online and at test centers around the world. The online version of the test can be taken in a proctored, online environment through Webassessor.

Having trouble migrating taxonomy terms and files with the migrate_d2d UI? Don't worry... it's just a matter of configuration.

Taxonomy Terms:

When mapping fields from source to destination, there are a few fields per taxonomy term to migrate. Before you begin, though, the vocabularies need to exist on the destination site.

With clear weather and an ideal venue on Mission Bay in sunny San Diego California,SandCamp 2016 was a great way to spend a few days learning and gaining inspiration to dive deeper into everything new Drupal 8 brings to the table.

This is the second article in the series titled “New to Drupal - what you need to know”. In this article we will look at how to install a new Drupal website and some of the fundamentals of configuring your Drupal site.

There are a multitude of variations on how to get a Drupal website up and running with your hosting service but they generally boil down to these few options:

This is the first in a series of articles covering what you need to know about Drupal if you are in any way responsible for managing, maintaining, or contributing content to a Drupal website.


You have landed your dream job and one of your responsibilities is to manage the company website, which is built on Drupal.


Your company has launched a shiny new website built on Drupal.


You have been muddling along with your current Drupal website the best way you know how.

Finally! Drupal 8 is in 'release candidate' phase! That means (currently) no 'critical' bugs remain which need to be squashed and the release is considered 'stable' Now, should you upgrade your D6 or D7 site? Well, probably not yet.

We are very excited to be part of another DrupalCon.

Los Angeles is the perfect city for this event. Besides the thrill of the chance of being discovered on the streets and becoming the new lead role on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, just the idea that Drupal has grown so much that it’s convention is being held at such an iconic venue is enough to get me really excited.

This year we decided to design some t-shirts and show them off at DrupalCon.

The development staff at Thinkbean attended Drupalcon 2014 in Austin, TX. Drupalcon is THE Drupal event of the year for developers. The Thinkbean staff were there for the duration (June 2 - June 6), honing their skills and learning in-depth about all the new stuff related to all things Drupal - including the new Drupal 8!

The Conference: 

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