DrupalCON 2015: A sketchnote recap

Written by Victor  |  December 3, 2015
DrupalCON 2015: A sketchnote recap

People remember things in different ways. For me, writing something down and making it somewhat of an interesting visual mess really works.

Here are some of my sketchnotes on a few Drupal SessionsĀ 

Battle for the Body Field by Jeff Eaton


Creating a Culture of Empowerment by Todd Nienkerk andĀ Ballin' on a Budget: How to Create Great Design Without Breaking the Bank by Josh Riggs

sketchnote 2

One thing all these sessions had in common was that they all shed light on how they run their business.

Being part of this Drupal community means we share all our struggles and victories enabling us to learn from our "competitors," or maybe I should say partners. I look forward to the next DrupalCON in New Orleans.

drupalcon 2015

Obligatory team picture sporting our custom t-shirts.