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Going to DrupalCon LA 2015


We are very excited to be part of another DrupalCon.

Los Angeles is the perfect city for this event. Besides the thrill of the chance of being discovered on the streets and becoming the new lead role on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, just the idea that Drupal has grown so much that it’s convention is being held at such an iconic venue is enough to get me really excited.

This year we decided to design some t-shirts and show them off at DrupalCon.

Drupal TshirtDrupal Tshirt Two

Things I'm excited about besides looking so good with those on:

  • Meeting more people that make up this awesome community.
  • Filling my head with fresh knowledge from industry leaders from all over
  • Sessions like: Creating a Culture of Empowerment by Todd Nienkerk, Angulas.js with Drupal 8 by Travist, and A novel Presentation Framework by mediacurrent
  • Getting to see LA

Places I'd like to visit while there:


There are just too many to list. 

If you see us around say hi, we would love to chat! 

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