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How to start and finish a custom website

How to start and finish a custom website

Sharing our project workflow when creating your custom website

Starting a new project is always very exciting. It’s very important to keep your thoughts organized throughout the process of developing a new site.

Here at Thinkbean we follow these steps to create a successful website.

Research & Discovery

The beginning of a beautiful relationship this is a very important stage since it’s where we get to know your business goals and what the users of your site want to achieve.

Functionality & Content Strategy

This is where we layout the skeleton of your site focused on the functionality, tailored to the requirements presented to us.

Design & Development

What is a well-built house without some beautiful well-made furniture and a fresh coat of paint. It is in this stage where we ensure your page is beautiful while incorporating the assets provided by you and/or created by us.

Content Population

We have the beauty down, now it’s the time to add all the brain. We optimize the content and populate it onto your shiny new site, making sure your customer will have a great experience while discovering your products, services, or information.

Test, Evaluate & Launch

Let’s try it out! We test your site to make sure it works on every device and screen size. We recheck all functionality, layout, images, links, and more. After all kinks are worked out we launch.

This 'ending' could be just the beginning. We can work with you when updating your site, or refreshing the content on your page.

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