What Does UX Have to Do With Web Development? Everything!

What is User Experience (UX)?

A website is like a garden. You have to water and tend a garden if you want it to be productive and enjoyable. A website’s user experience is the same way. It has to be carefully designed and constructed with the user in mind to generate the most fruit for a business. User experience is exactly what it sounds like: a user’s emotions and attitudes about a product, system or service.

Excellent user experience (UX) is a major part of what makes an online business interaction a customer service win. A multitude of companies and services are at the fingertips of anyone who owns a computer or smartphone - 24 hours a day. If a visitor has to spend a long time trying to utilize the information or services on a website... well, they just won’t. They will move on to a competitor whose website meets their needs.

How the mobile web will rule the world.

Nowadays to make a purchase all you need to do is reach into your pocket and load up any website. You carry a shopping mall with you all day, that is why a responsive website with an e-commerce solution is of paramount importance.

Here’s an infographic with important statistics about the usage of Mobile Web and Mobile E-commerce in 2013.

Drupal Ecommerce Infographic

What is web accessibility?

It refers to practicing good web standards to design, and develop websites, that are accessible to everyone. By removing any barriers that prevent people with disabilities to interact or access the site.

Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) was created to help standardize web content. It's very important because it focuses on the user goals instead of current technologies.

Your website is the link between you and your user, potentially being your most powerful asset in accomplishing your business goals. However, technology changes fast and can make your site feel outdated. If a redesign is out of reach, a few changes can take you very far in improving your site’s usefulness.

Users want something from you

If you want your clients to do something, such as sign up for a newsletter, be an active part of your community, or share your product on social media, you need to give a little push. A great way to engage users is to offer a freebie, such as; "Sign up for our newsletter and receive this free vector pack." "Enter to win a autographed photo of Dolly Parton." Etc…


When we talk to clients about building their new Drupal website, we take a moment to discuss our mobile-first approach. Initially, there can be a look of concern as they think “our analytics states the majority of our users are not using mobile devices”. Well, let me start off by addressing this concern. Even if every single one of your users never accesses your website via a mobile device (a virtually non-existent possibility on today's web), a mobile-first approach is still the proper approach.

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