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Website realignment

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The typical lifespan of a website goes something like this:

  • New site launch
  • Site design and functionality sits still for a period of time (usually around two to three years or until a new hire takes over)
  • Decision made that the site needs redeveloping
  • New site developed and launched

In summary the site is developed, stagnates, then is redeveloped. This means during the site stagnation period the website no longer fulfills the goals of the business or the user.

Our recommended approach is to stay clear of the above and utilize website realignment.

So what is website realignment?

It is the constant evolution of a website. Content gets updated, functionality gets updated, design gets updated - these three things are in a constant state of realignment to meet the business and user goals.

This way our new site lifespan looks like this:

  • New site launch
  • Constant realignment to meet business and user goals

The major benefits include; the website is constantly optimized for success, new technologies and techniques can be immediately implemented, and the site is quickly adapting to both business and user needs. The additional bonus being there is no huge investment every few years.

In order to benefit from website realignment the web development company must be knowledgeable about the client and their customers needs as well as know what new technologies and techniques are coming down the pipeline.

If you have a website which has stagnated then contact us to see how we can help.

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