Movement and interactivity improves user experience, making sites and apps more engaging and memorable. 

Currently I'm using Sketch to create mockups, and presenting them to clients and developers via Invision. Both of these tools work seamlessly together and are great at presenting ideas clearly. However, animation is still to be introduced on those apps. I decided to try out Framer which happens to work well with sketch. 

Every year DrupalCon manages to gather developers, designers, engineers, project managers, business owners and more to participate in hand-picked sessions, code sprints, and social events, that make this community even more dynamic than before.It was a big year for Drupal so it’s only fitting that the conference this year took place in New Orleans!

A codebase can end up with a bunch of unused modules one way or another. Identifying unused/installed modules is tough, but identifying unused/disabled modules is pretty easy.

Modules and their status exist in the system table of Drupal. It's simple enough to query for disabled modules, but that will return results of modules which may have already been removed from the codebase.

The Acquia Certified Professional Program launched in March of 2014 and it's a pretty big deal. These exams are considered the gold standard for Drupal Developers.

The Acquia Certified Developer Exam consists of 60 questions and takes about 90 minutes to complete. It’s available online and at test centers around the world. The online version of the test can be taken in a proctored, online environment through Webassessor.