UX + Design

In order to provide the best experience for your users we leverage the knowledge of our team along with the data we collected in the strategy phase to make the best possible UI & UX decisions.

Insight Driven Design

When we think about design, we think about making things beautiful. And while that's all said and good, it will be people using your product. So we rely on the power of data and research to unveil insights that will lead to transformational change when designing your digital experiences. Additionally, we help you uncover the "why" of your project. It's very easy to figure out the what, but why is your product something that people need to make room in their lives for?

Our team of strategists, designers and engineers will pinpoint the point of friction in your digital product and begin to find solutions to your challenges by designing a custom roadmap. Collaboratively, we then will bring your product to life by combining our cross-functional team's expertise to deliver digital solutions your consumers will love and trust.

UX Design

We define your north star: why you exist, what makes you different and what you’re here to do in a compelling way. We identify opportunities that propel your business forward through user research and discovery, interviews, user flows, wireframes and testing.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • User Testing
  • ADA Compliance / Accessibility

Visual Design

We determine your purpose with the fundamental creative building blocks all brands need, including logos and color to typography and art direction. Depending on your project needs, our design process typically includes creative interviews, moodboarding and an end visual product. 

  • Branding
  • Design Systems
  • Responsive Websites
  • Infographics & Illustrations

Product Design

What makes us unique from other Drupal experts is that we are able to take a product idea from end-to-end. We design engaging digital products that are human centered and make sure all your digital channels align with your brand for a unified customer experience. Have an idea for a product? We can bring it to life with our design, UX and native app teams.

  • Research
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Prototyping & Testing


An assortment of recent projects completed by Thinkbean, including responsive websites, software and apps.

Accessible Design

We believe accessible design is for everyone, not just disabled individuals. In fact accessible design improves the experience for everyone. We not only design with your target audience in mind, but also consider their life situation. Are your users navigating your site with permanent, temporary or situational disabilities? What devices will they be using and how will they use them? Are they using a screen reader to navigate the site? Are they able to read the captions of a video because of a hearing impairment or that their baby is asleep and can’t play that hilarious video of parrots talking like people with the audio on? No matter the situation, inclusive design makes the experience easier for everyone. 

Additionally, accessible design can also provide huge economic gain with little to no additional cost since ADA standards can intersect with many other standards. So if you are making improvements to your SEO that are accessible, you are gaining the benefit of both at no extra cost. It’s a win-win! It also increases the number of users which can lead to increased engagement and increased conversion, which ultimately leads to more revenue

We believe that as designers and engineers, it is our duty to improve the lives of our users and understand where our users are coming from. We ask the right questions as early as possible to ensure we maintain empathy and understanding throughout the process to the end product. As designers, it is also our responsibility to let you know that your brand’s thin font weight is not legible and should consider a heavier weight. Sorry!


FitElephants is a fitness management software solution designed to provide fitness professionals with a way to successfully run, manage and grow their businesses, brand and community engagement.

Discover how Thinkbean created a user friendly digital experience for both the desktop and mobile app experience.

The Winning Combination

When it's all said and done you'll not only have a stunning new face for your brand. But an effective, seamless to use, conversion driven design experience for your users.

Need some accoutrements to go with your new look?

Our designers can also craft elements along the likes of:

  • Style/Brand Guides
  • Logos
  • Custom Email Designs
  • Premium Content Templates
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Promotional Merchandise

Ready to Bring Your Idea to Life?

We love to collaborate with brands to create cutting-edge visual experiences. We also love to listen, so let's connect about your ideas.