Review +

When it comes to a digital experience it needs to not only be attractive (so people enjoy looking at it) but also effectively communicate how you can help your users reach their goals.

To ensure a balance of aesthetic and function a review of the overall usability of your site is needed to provide a baseline. From there a strategy can be put in place and then testing can be executed to make sure we got it right.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

- Bill Gates

Review, Test & Repeat

Whether it's an existing website, a new project or something in between - when it comes to usability our process always begins with an initial review.

This is where our experts evaluate your website, app, or if it's a new project - your wireframes or prototype - evaluating user journeys and desired paths to goal completion.

In addition to our evaluation we deploy additional measures such as heatmapping, analytics analysis and if available user testing where we observe real people interacting with your website, app or product in order understand their behavior and reactions to your brand.

Elements of the evaluation often include:

  • Annotated Screenshots
  • Analysis of User Experience Elements and User Journeys (such as a user flow of arriving at your site through completion of a form or checkout)
  • Analytics Review
  • Benchmarking Data
  • Analysis of Competitors

Putting it All Together

From there we create a report of our findings where we:

  • Highlight aspects that are working well
  • Pinpoint issues and how we can solve them
  • Review design & functionality elements for areas of improved usability

Your strategist will review this report with you, and your team, and from there will prioritize action items to further dive into ways in which the usability of your site can be enhanced.

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