Providing custom Drupal web solutions for a range of industries

We leverage proven, open source solutions for common industry requirements and carefully weave them into a custom bespoke solution.

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There is an immediate and obvious correlation between the effectiveness of an e-commerce application and the bottom line of a business. We specialize in creating truly customized solutions for an ever-changing commerce industry.

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Educational institutions face recurring business challenges such as increasing enrollment, engaging alumni, showcasing student life, and positioning the school as a center of excellence. While longstanding data models apply to areas focused around students, staff, courses, etc., the prevalence of lookalike solutions to these data sets results in an online presence that makes one school look just like the next in terms of design and functionality. We specialize in creating custom solutions to the major challenges that schools face.

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Government projects typically have exacting scopes, deadlines and budgets that form absolute constraints on project balance. At Thinkbean, we have a proven history of working with government agencies within the boundaries of a tightly defined scope of work. By utilizing modern, agile development practices, we enable the best possible results time and time again. Our detailed and objective discovery and strategy phases allow for agreement around a project blueprint, executed in two-week sprints. Each sprint produces deliverable applications for review, reprioritization and release sign-offs by all stakeholders in a consistent and reliable manner.

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Healthcare organizations deal with complex datasets which must be gathered, validated, processed, queried and returned to either the parent application or made available to other applications via API calls or synchronization scripts.

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B2B-focused projects present unique challenges and often need an industry expert to interpret, develop and execute. We deliver custom websites and applications that focus on meeting objective business goals. Our clients benefit from our experience with search engine optimization (SEO), business strategy, technology integrations and customized business process automations. This expertise enables enterprises to grow in a scalable manner and allows them to focus on business strategy rather than technology concerns. We pride ourselves on building sites that do something rather than just say something.

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There are entirely too many “brochure sites” on the web which have been regurgitated from a pre-existing profile and website template, and branded as a “digital solution” for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations are as varied and bespoke as anything imaginable. Indeed, the category of “nonprofit” really doesn’t even categorize the focus of the organization. Our customized, objective approach to understanding, defining and crafting sites and applications that achieve business and user goals allow our clients to showcase an online presence tailor-made for their organization.

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For start-ups, the cost of failure for their web projects can mean failure for their business. Risking a cheaper solution to check off the “website project” to-do item is simply not a viable option for start-up companies that understand an effective web presence is integral to the success of their business.

The exciting opportunities that a start-up client brings to initial project discovery meetings aligns perfectly with our objective goal-driven approach. During the strategy phase of a project, we discover paths to technological solutions that align with business processes that free up company resources, and uncover initially unforeseen opportunities.

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Drupal: A Wise Choice

Drupal has stood the test of time with a thriving developer community and eight major releases since its inception in 2000. High attendance of developers and agencies to the North American and European Drupal conferences each year is just as important as the high-quality software itself. The large developer and agency base not only keeps the software relevant and secure, but your web application will never be dependent upon a single vendor.

For web applications requiring content management and extendibility, Drupal is our platform of choice. Do you want to make it yours?