We're changing the way the commerce
is done on the web.

Traditionally the way commerce is conducted on the web is as a standalone application from other areas of the web presence. It is commonplace to have a Store tab on a website which takes site visitors to a typical listing of products where they can browse and make purchases.

The problem with this traditional approach to e-commerce is the isolation in which it lives. Modern marketing leverages the understanding that information drives sales opportunities. We create custom solutions which connect marketing efforts with sales opportunities. 

Instead of your site visitors needing to hunt and peck their way through your content to try and locate products of value you are now able to present them in context.

Commerce on the web

What this means:

Instead of having a standalone Store tab on your website we create a solution whereby in addition to the traditional commerce model you are able to cross reference products and pages. If you site visitor is reading a blog article on X you can now seamlessly place a listing of dynamically populated and related products as a call to action. Instead of your site visitors needing to hunt and peck their way through your content and try and locate products you offer which may be of value you are now able to present them in context.

In summary, our approach to customized commerce applications allows you to present a unique experience tailored specifically to each individual site user and cross referencing content with products.

This ability to deliver contextual content is what drives our approach to modern commerce applications.

Contextual Commerce Marketing

A few examples of this would be:

  • A site visitor in Alaska vs Florida is presented with different product listings when viewing a clothing websites winter specials section
  • A site visitor who has viewed articles on "how to X" is presented with products related to "X" when entering the store front
  • A site visitor who has purchased "Y" is presented with pages related to "Y" when viewing your blog section

At a more technical level what this allows is:

  • Customizable entities
  • Enterprise-level applications
  • Product variation rendering
  • Massive relationships
  • Bulk processing
  • Third-party connections
  • APIs
  • Payment variations
  • Multiple language support
  • Order and shipping tracking
  • Big data learning
  • Customized user-focused content

Drupal: A Wise Choice

Drupal has stood the test of time with a thriving developer community and eight major releases since its inception in 2000. High attendance of developers and agencies to the North American and European Drupal conferences each year is just as important as the high-quality software itself. The large developer and agency base not only keeps the software relevant and secure, but your web application will never be dependent upon a single vendor.

For web applications requiring content management and extendibility, Drupal is our platform of choice. Do you want to make it yours?