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Government projects typically have exacting scopes, deadlines and budgets that form absolute constraints on project balance. At Thinkbean, we have a proven history of working with government agencies within the boundaries of a tightly defined scope of work. By utilizing modern, agile development practices, we enable the best possible results time and time again. Our detailed and objective discovery and strategy phases allow for agreement around a project blueprint, executed in two-week sprints. Each sprint produces deliverable applications for review, reprioritization and release sign-offs by all stakeholders in a consistent and reliable manner.

Government Drupal Websites

Boston Web Development Team Chooses Drupal for the Future

More than 7 million people come to Boston.gov annually to access city services but the old technology and clunky design wasn’t helping the public or the city employees save time. It was time for a redesign. Boston public servants wanted to deliver a site to the public that was adaptable, user-friendly, and would evolve with the needs of it’s constituents.

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Drupal: A Wise Choice

Drupal has stood the test of time with a thriving developer community and eight major releases since its inception in 2000. High attendance of developers and agencies to the North American and European Drupal conferences each year is just as important as the high-quality software itself. The large developer and agency base not only keeps the software relevant and secure, but your web application will never be dependent upon a single vendor.

For web applications requiring content management and extendibility, Drupal is our platform of choice. Do you want to make it yours?