We're changing the way the healthcare
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Healthcare web applications

Integrated and connected applications

Healthcare companies use dozens of different digital sites and applications to support their day-to-day business. Yet it is commonplace for one department to be unable to view required information from another because of technological barriers placed by current software solutions.

We help leading healthcare innovators bring together increasingly isolated data to provide information across the organization in a scalable and secure environment. We're helping create connected healthcare solutions to enable the industry to continue to drive forward against new challenges and opportunities.

Featured Case Study

Boston Healthcare

Leading U.S. Healthcare Provider Partners with Thinkbean and Drupal

A leading healthcare company with headquarters in Boston came to us for help with several of their web properties. Their sites were on an array of different technologies including multiple content management systems. The reality of this situation was the only consistencies were pain points. We implemented a strategy which enabled them to transition to a powerful and consistent set of web properties which achieve business goals and exceeded their expectations.

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Health Care Resources

Drupal Development Firms are Winning at Healthcare

We make mission-critical complex sites and applications easy to use for healthcare companies. A great development firm is essential to maximizing the online presence.

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How to Choose a Drupal Website Development Firm

Choosing a website development company is a tricky business. Businesses can be helped, or hindered, significantly by a functional website that makes it easy for their audience...

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No More Rescues

No one wants to be the person who invested hundreds of thousands of their company’s dollars into a new website, application or digital asset and then have it fail to meet its expectations.

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Drupal: A Wise Choice

Drupal has stood the test of time with a thriving developer community and eight major releases since its inception in 2000. High attendance of developers and agencies to the North American and European Drupal conferences each year is just as important as the high-quality software itself. The large developer and agency base not only keeps the software relevant and secure, but your web application will never be dependent upon a single vendor.

For web applications requiring content management and extendibility, Drupal is our platform of choice. Do you want to make it yours?