Who Is Thinkbean?

Thinkbean is a Boston based, Drupal digital agency made up of industry experts who love what they do and who share one overarching principle: to build a purposeful web.

Meaning that we strive to build applications that do something, not just say something. We enjoy taking an integral role in working with our clients to collaborate and formulate clear and concise business goals to ensure they reach their goals. 

We strive to be the last stop for our clients, and we aim to keep it that way.

Many development shops service multiple platforms. We don’t. We believe Drupal projects require Drupal experts if they are to be completed properly, efficiently and successfully.

We’re very proud of the fact Thinkbean is always the last stop for our clients. Never do our clients have to go to other Drupal development shops to get the service they need. This alone is what truly sets us apart.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance/Hosting
  • Consulting/Training

Culture + Values


We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into the successes, and sometimes failures, of each and every project. And we communicate these aspects both internally, and externally, in an open, honest manner.


Each member of our team is personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to our customers. We strive to meet or exceed expectations and we won't stop until we do.


One of the most important steps to achieving greatness is to empower each other’s potential.
To do so we seek and give feedback in order to learn; to inspire and to grow individually, as a team and as an organization.


We're passionate and we are always looking for new ways to solve problems, both old and new. We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly seeking growth.

Productive Work

Here at Thinkbean productivity is more than getting things "done." It's about getting them done with a purpose, an end goal in mind and doing so consistently to meet, if it's a good day, exceed, goals.


We can’t do our jobs without each other; which is why we believe in leveraging the collective of both our team, and yours, to work towards common goals.

Step Into Our Virtual Office

The Thinkbean team has always enjoyed the benefit of being able to work from home and now more than ever our team enjoys a safe, productive, and enjoyable remote workplace which provides the best balance between work and everyday life.

And while we miss water bubbler chats, coffee runs and after work happy hours...we stay connected with one another, and our clients, via Slack and video calls on a daily basis (Monday-Friday that is).

Thinkbean Fun Facts

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The Team to Help You Succeed

Hercules Haseotes
President & Co-Founder
Glenn Hodgkinson
CEO & Co-Founder
Wesley Salazar
Solutions Architect
Bob Reichard
Senior Engineer
Alexandra Katehis
UX & Design
Stevie Barnett
Senior Project Manager
Colin Crampton
Senior Engineer
Michael Nolan
Senior Engineer
Vicky Iliopoulos
Harold Hababou
iOS/Android Engineer
David Siemers
Senior Engineer
Fredric Mitchell
Senior Engineer
Argos, Leo, Bruno
Office Snack Selection Team

Join the Thinkbean Team

We're always looking for people who can help propel our businesses forward.
People who want to put in the work and celebrate success.
If that interests you drop us a line - we'd love to chat.