Technology + Development

Thinkbean specializes in custom Drupal applications.

You can rely on our expert Drupal developers to provide you with solutions designed to grow with your company for the long term.

Understanding Your Goals

Development is a cycle that begins with understanding your business, goals, and vision. Our development process starts with understanding your brand, your needs, and any pain points with your current situation.

From there we create an appropriate timeline and project plan. Deliverables in this initial phase are often:

  • Technical Audits
  • Storylines
  • User Stories
  • Project Timeline
  • Data Modeling
  • URL Strategies


Next we analyze your goals and requirements to design the overall architecture.

This includes everything from data modeling to URL strategies. This phase is analogous to creating blueprints for your business application.

American Graphics Institute (AGI)

AGI, an International training organization, turned to Thinkbean to help them provide their clients with a superior user experience.

Learn how our expert team took their old 67 page hard-coded website to a 9,000+ page responsive Drupal e-commerce website with a superior user experience.

Custom Web Application

In the final stage - or what is typically considered "development" our experts work diligently to develop a seamless digital experience for your customers.

All of the time spent on discovery and architecture, combined with iterative development cycles, allow our expert Drupal developers to focus on success.

We test and gain feedback from you as we build following best practices to make sure your website is sustainable for the long term.

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