Drupal is a prominent and powerful Content Management System (CMS) used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems for its flexibility, scalability, security features and customization abilities.

Global healthcare professionals, hospitals and enterprises like Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson and Duke University Health System have all adopted Drupal to power their customer's digital experience.

The team at Thinkbean are experts in designing and developing fully compliant Drupal solutions that meet HIPAA, PCI and other applicable regulations. With our Drupal optimized experiences; you can easily take your healthcare to higher levels.

What our customers have to say

"Strategy and service – you get both with Thinkbean!
They have taken our website to the next level!"

-Susan Presnol, DentaQuest Partnership

Why Drupal is Better for Healthcare


Security is a key concern for all website owners, but especially for those in healthcare. You can rest easy knowing that over 1 million websites trust Drupal to power and protect their brands.


When communication is key to keeping your customers healthy it's imperative they can understand you.

Drupal's flexibility and scalability can help you enable coverage in 90 different languages. Including those lesser known.


Your healthcare institution will be fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards.


Drupal is both highly reliable and also incredibly scalable, meaning your website will perform seamlessly, even on the busiest days of traffic.

Which can be critical when it comes to accessing information related to health.

Vendor Neutrality

Drupal is widely supported by a large number of qualified agencies and development shops. 

 It's also an open source software with no licensing costs.

User Friendly

One of most attractive features of Drupal is that you can retain the ability to update your content without having to call on a developers each time you create a new piece of content. This provides both ease of use and cost control benefits.

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