We are a full service Drupal design and development agency. A team of Drupal experts who specialize in creating custom Drupal websites and applications for leading companies who need to leverage the internet and create a purposeful web presence to achieve business goals and exceed the demands of their users.

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Thinkbean believes in investing the time to learn and understand about a project's goals before creating a custom strategy to ensure success.


We craft a purposeful experience based on the objective information learned and gathered during the strategy phase.


The effort spent on discovery and planning comes to life during development. We love implementing the purposefully planned features and functionality through code.


We are here to help. Thinkbean remains a partner after the initial build or project to help support all efforts.

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We are Drupal-certified experts and deliver the highest quality of work, done right the first time. Our experience and knowledge set us apart from the pack.

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Thinkbean believes in creating applications with purpose. We learn about the organization's and users' goals before crafting a well-thought out, objective strategy for execution.

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No one wants to be the person who invested hundreds of thousands of their company’s dollars into a new website, app or digital asset, and then have it fail to do what it was built to do.

Even fewer people want to be the ones to then tell their management team that the project needs even more investment – sometimes as much as the initial expenditure – to fix the problems; or worse, start over.

In the web industry, we call this a rescue. They are every bit as horrible as they sound, but there’s good news. They can be prevented.

Elasticsearch will take any data you throw at it, but without a predefined index, it will try to figure out the data type on its own, which can result in both inefficient storage and querying. It can also limit ways to use your data in some cases.

Let's consider http status codes for example. These values are always integers, however Elasticsearch will treat them like text unless you explicitly define your index.

We started offloading web logs from Acquia into Elasticsearch, and let me tell you, it's been amazing!

Imagine being able to query your apache access log for https status 500 errors that occurred in the last 4 hours; or retrieving the most common 404 paths. Maybe you're more visual and want to see pie charts of bytes downloaded per country, or histograms of status codes per half hour. Perhaps you want to trace the footprints a certain IP address made on a particular domain, then across multiple domains.

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