Data + Design

Design involves more than pretty colors and fancy layouts and while we or you may think we know what looks doesn't lie.

Here at Thinkbean our design process and services rely on market research, competitor and audience analysis along with design trends to map out a design plan that is user friendly and intuitive...and easy on they eyes.

"Design is not just what it looks and feels like design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs

Why We Do It

Creating a compelling and engaging website requires more than visual appeal to produce results - and in order to ensure your website is effective you must not only have an impressive, and memorable, first impression but also cater to your users motivations and needs. 

This is where Thinkbean’s Data Driven Design comes into play.

By utilizing data to direct our design decisions, instead of aesthetic alone, our clients experience higher levels of engagement, decreased bounce rates and increased conversions. 

How We Do It

We've found that there are three main components involved in Data Driven Design:

#1 Data Collection

Data Driven Design starts with data? No way!

But seriously...start with the data. It doesn't lie.

Much of this is determined during our Research + Discovery Phase and starts with your end resutl - your users.

We gather user information through user interviews (often completed in Research + Discovery Phase) heatmaps, and analyzing your analytics to determine how users are currently navigating your website.

We also look into your user demographics (or buyer personas if you went through our Discovery Phase) including their age, occupation, gender, income and geographic location. This helps us to understand how they not only search for information but how they consume it to achieve their end goal - ie; what you can provide a solution for.

#2 Analyzing

Once the data is gathered our team of strategy + design experts analyze it to ensure that they fully understand what your users are looking for and utilizing that information while mapping out your design concept.

This allows our team to provide you with design strategy that focuses on elements such as intuitive navigation and an engaging design that improve your user's experience while also attaining your business goals of engagement and conversion.

#3 A/B Testing

Not that we get it right all the time, but we certainly do most of the time, and the reason we know this is because we test it.

By using tactics such as A/B testing, surveys and heatmaps we are able to test drive key design elements to make sure they are producing the end-goal you have in mind.

And if they don't we change them and test again.

Sometimes our designers even hedge bets for whose design elements will perform best. Winner gets a cup of local coffee...because hey - who doesn't enjoy a little healthy competition and a cup of Jo right?

Investing in Success

We'd be lying to you if we said that a data-driven design approach is fast or cheap. In fact, to some clients it can feel a bit daunting.

However, like most things in life, you get what you pay for and getting it right the first time not only saves you from multiple rounds of design but saves the development team time in having a fully defined and strategic project to build. Not to mention the fact that a strategic design will outlast any fast flashy solution.

The End Result?

Very simply - the design of your actual application.

Plus, depending on the scope of your project, you may also receive some of the following along your way down the yellow brick road to a data driven design:

Information Architecture

How you present your content and layout your pages is a crucial in order for your users to achieve their online objectives. With our information architecture strategy you'll be on your way to a superior user experience in no time.

Usability Review & Testing

Remember our reference above to the importance of reviewing content and ensuring that your design is not only nice to look at but actually user friendly? Well...usability reviews and testing are where we make sure the proof gets into the pudding.

Data Driven Designs

Our brilliant design team's favorite part...the deliverable of designs that not only grab a user's attention, but also keep it and encourage it to complete your desired action.

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