UX + Design

FitElephants is a fitness management software solution designed to provide fitness professionals with a way to successfully run, manage and grow their businesses, brand and community engagement.

Discover how Thinkbean created a user friendly digital experience for both the desktop and mobile app experience.

The Challenge

FitElephants came to Thinkbean to partner with them to build a fitness management solution software with a need for assistance in design, branding, project management, product development and marketing as well as the actual engineering of both the web and mobile experience. 

In addition FitElephants themselves needed a website for their own brand.

To further complicate the project FitElephants wanted to go to market in six months which included a need for their company website, branding and marketing along with the design and development of their fitness management software on both a desktop (web) app and mobile app.

The Strategy

Thinkbean was more than ready for the challenge, and the team was excited to work on a project from the ground up. To do so we had to scale our internal team bringing on additional team members, including a new app developer, in order to meet FitElephants goals and timeline.

We meticulously laid out our plan of attack starting with research and discovery, moving into goals, timelines and project strategy and then dove into the work full steam ahead. 

The Result

In just under 6 months Thinkbean empowered FitElephants to get to the finish line and it was not without extensive collaboration, trust, and true partnership that we got there.

Our team along with the FitElephants team worked tirelessly side by side to build the brand, develop the product and the marketing to promote it and most importantly to execute the UI/UX, design and. engineering of the software. 

The end result was a powerful software solution that successfully entered the market ahead of schedule while exceeding all expectations with an expertly designed brand, company website, mobile app and web app.