Royal Caribbean Blog

Project Management
UX + Design

Royal Caribbean Blog is a cruise blog created and maintained by fans for fans. Although RCB is not affiliated with Royal Caribbean, you bet your beach bum it’s all you need to plan your next cruise. The creators of RCB attract thousands of fans daily so it only made sense to partner up with Thinkbean and expand their digital presence. With a vibrant new look, mobile friendly design, updated user experience and secure CMS, Royal Caribbean Blog was provided with a website optimizing visitor experience.

Cruising Redesigned

Working closely with Royal Caribbean Blog, we put together an extensive discovery session to understand the technology needs and determine a fresh design direction. We improved the user experience by allowing users to freely scroll recent articles while giving the ability to explore ship lines and easily plan their next trip. We created a modern brand that truly evokes vacation vibes while paying homage to the cruise line itself. 

We created a customizable, responsive experience that caters to the needs of first-time cruisers and life-long enthusiasts. Visitors can select their interests and enjoy insightful content bringing to life the perks of being a Royal Caribbean fan. 

Using the existing logo, we wanted the visual foundation to capture a sense of escape and curiosity. We elevated the brand identity with vibrant bright colors, large round typography, custom cruise line illustrations and iconography.