If you use Sketch you know about the abundance of tools and resources available to help improve your design. In this article, I'm going to show you how to set up your document and get it ready for the design hand off.


Plugins and Resources:

First things first, gather the necessary tools for your design. One of my favorite things about Sketch is the open source mentality when it comes to plugins and resources, designers and developers can share innovative ways to improve your design workflow.


Design is a process. It involves many people, skills, programs, and timelines. To help you get a better idea of our design process, I came up with this overview, which begins with the initial meeting and ends with handing off the designs to the development team.  

Icons representing - Pow-Wow, Sketch, Invision, Development

The holidays are upon us, and every year there is a whole new league of toys and inventive ways to get people programming. Here are some of the coolest programing toys around that should make it on your gift list.

Play Osmo

Screen shot of play osmo illustration

Sketch is a powerful tool, and it has a ton of cool shortcuts to make it super efficient. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Hold ⌘ while hovering over items

Quickly select objects from the Artboard with just one click.

Gif demonstrating command key and hover shortcut



Move down the layer list.


Move up hold Shift and press Tab.

What is web accessibility?

It refers to practicing good web standards to design, and develop websites, that are accessible to everyone. By removing any barriers that prevent people with disabilities to interact or access the site.

Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) was created to help standardize web content. It's very important because it focuses on the user goals instead of current technologies.