Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely important part of the web design and development process and it continues to be very important after site launch. SEO does not stop when your website goes live. Let me rephrase that; SEO SHOULD NOT stop when your website goes live. All too often SEO is thought of as a one shot deal; the reality is very different.

SEO SHOULD NOT stop when your website goes live.

The graphic below shows just some of the areas of your search engine strategy you can easily control with the right service provider.

Our phones are now smart phones and here at Atlas ID we often take existing websites and convert them into smart websites.

There are too many “mobile websites” out there that are really just scaled down versions of a desktop website.

Taking a static website that was designed for purpose of viewing on a desktop and updating it so that it delivers a customized viewing experience for each and every device that is used to access the site.

Much is being made about adaptive and responsive web design. It is the talk of the web design community – and rightly so. Here at Thinkbean we have been touting the benefits of adaptive and responsive web solutions for years. We were “adaptive and responsive” when “adaptive and responsive” wasn’t cool! Not only do we believe in these technologies because the superior user experience it offers to an ever-changing set of devices but it is more cost effective than trying to create different solutions for each environment.

The sites which we develop are typically highly-tuned, data-driven websites. It's not unusual for a page request to have many database queries, pulling content from a variety of areas into custom build layouts. For our clients, typically, the cheap hosting packages you see advertised on TV just don't deliver the performance they require. What our clients need is a strong, proven hosting provider which delivers excellent performance, competitive pricing and peace of mind.